Creative Types Rejoice!....

Well I just went outside and it looks like I entered a wet t-shirt contest, which can only mean, summer is here!!

And with that, we can now get out of our winter blues slump and put those, not-so-summer-ready buns in gear to enjoy the weather and great summer events!

I recently met up with an artist friend of mine Holly Freisen, who has a darling little studio in the Complexe Canal Lachine building right here in St Henri.  Every year the building hosts an open house for the public to come and take a tour of the studio spaces in the building, which actually use to be the old Simmons Mattress factory.  But trust me this open house is nothing to snooze about!

Creative types from photographers, to painters and graphic designers will open their spaces.  It's a great way for locals to network and meet great people!

The event is held next week, May 27th 2015 from 3pm-9pm.  You can check out the Facebook Event Page for more information on locations, tours and exhibits happening in the spaces that night!

The building also features a small art gallery that changes weekly, how great is that!  The E.K. Voland Art Gallery can be found on Instagram and Facebook.

So I hope to see you next week! Come say "Hi" :) can say more than that if you'd like.



A sneak peek at the space below when I visited Holly's studio!...

A Closer Look At Craft Beer...

Happy Tuesday!

This week I'm talking about breakfast beer and Design at Outspoken Brewing.  I caught up with my bro and his business partner and chatted them up about their craft beer!

I try not to write too much when I have a video but there is so much to say!!....These guys are super fun, hardworking and have lots of exciting products coming out soon.  Not to mention a super awesome retail space at the brewery to take their beer home with ya!

The retail space opens this Friday May 1st, 5pm.  I added some pictures below of the space since we didn't touch a lot on it in the video because I thought my goofy brother was being funny....side note; please check out the face he gives me at 6:18, classic older brother.

You can follow the guys and their progress here:

Outspoken on Instagram

Outspoken on Twitter

Outspoken on Facebook

Outspoken on the Web




West Elm Summer Collections....

As you may or may not know I am obsessed with West Elm.....That's putting it lightly.  As todays youth say; "I literally can't even", every time I walk in that store.

This week the Montreal location hosted a little soirée and launched their new summer collections.  It was a great evening and lovely to meet the staff that work so hard to make that space so beautiful!  Ohhhhh to be a visual merchandiser at that place would be dreamy.

My favourite pieces would have to be: Crab Pillow, The Picnic Tent (Must Own!), Super Dapper Beer Cozies and the amazing woven baskets!  Check out the collections below!!