How it all began...

     It's been 3 years now since I've graduated from the Interior Design program at Dawson College here in Montreal, Quebec Canada. To say I'm passionate about design is an understatement. My friends are always teasing me because no matter where we are I'm constantly taking pictures or feeling things, always interested in how things are made and what they are made of. Design is a huge part of my life, I try to take in everything around me for inspiration; from traveling, to fashion, food and most of all the incredibly creative people I surround myself with.

    After completing my post secondary studies, I applied to many jobs.  Though sparse I still searched them out using job posting sites and word of mouth. Most job postings came up asking for at least 5 years experience or more, which was intimidating for a recent graduate. I found it difficult to gain the requested experience as no one was willing to take a chance on me. In the mean time I had to make ends meet and a friend suggested I apply to a photo studio where she was working at the time. There I worked as a production stylist prepping product to be shot for online shopping.  I later worked my way up and became a prop stylist for an online marketing campaign for one of the companies we shoot for.  It was then that I realized, while still keeping with my design background, prop and set styling was where I wanted to focus.  

      I decided to change my approach, and have begun networking day and night over the past year to experience new and challenging opportunities while still evolving as a designer.  In doing so, I have been given the chance to contribute to the architecture blog Talkitect, work on set with talented photographers, collaborate with stylist Mel Moranelli of stylblk and learn a new creative field that I otherwise would not have persued.  

     As I start this blog and continue to work with creative individuals, I look forward to introducing their stories to you over the next few months.