The Remodel...

I recently moved into a new apartment about two weeks ago; cue the meltdown.  Nonetheless, I am super excited to get it organized and styled.  

I moved from a very spacious 7-1/2, which is what us Montrealers call a 7 room 1 bathroom apartment,  And crammed all my oversized furniture and junk into a 3-1/2 (3 rooms, 1 bathroom)…Hmmm, I take that back, it’s not junk, it’s all very well curated knick knacks that I often just sit and stare at because I love it all so much.

Week 1 was spent unpacking and trying to find a home for the aforementioned knick knacks, while also trying to sell a bunch of furniture.

Now that I am finally settling in I decided to tackle the bathroom.  The very boring, very small, very white bathroom.  

Some might recommend to paint it a lighter colour to “open the space up”, or to keep the ceiling white to make it appear that the ceilings are higher.  I say “nonsense poopy pants!”.  So, naturally, I did the opposite.  I chose a dark colour and painted the entire space floor to ceiling.  To finish it off, I crammed the walls full of pictures and knick knacks.  To some it’s ridiculous and a little too much.  To me it’s perfect, all mine, and exactly what I had envisioned.



The before.....