Colour Explosion with a Dash of Visual Happiness...

Happy Monday all!

I have been getting more and more positive feedback on my blog over the last few weeks, which is so exciting and inspiring.  It makes me push harder and provide more and more eclectic spaces and collaborations.

That being said I thought this week I would share some of my favourite blogs/bloggers to show you who's inspiring me these days and what I'm in to.  These beauties are like cashmere sweaters for my eyes!  I could literally get lost in these blogs for hours.

Some I just discovered by recommendations from friends and others I've been following for a while.  You may have heard of all or some or these might all be newbies to you,  Most of these bloggers have also published books which I can't wait to get my pudgy little sausage fingers on!  But Christmas is just around the corner!!


Enjoy all this visual happiness!  And have a great week!




Full time Bloggers that I obsess over:

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Black and Spiro 

Anna Spiro is an Australian Designer that I loooooove.  She hasn't posted much on her blog lately but her Instagram and website portfolio are definitely worth checking out!


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Also definitely worth taking a peek, some of my friends, co-workers and former classmates who have interesting blogs I check often!.....Great photography, interesting ideas and trendy things!

Check it:

Danielle Levy Nutrition -

Natasha K Design -!blog/c190c 

Styld Blk -

Mick Côté - 

Anjela Freyja -