The Desk...

I bought a new desk to do great things!  

I figured my last desk, that looked like it came from a Barbie set, was a little too small.  So I upgraded to an adult desk.  But then I styled it with colourful things all over so it looks like a kids desk again.  Oh well.

It's simple, it was a Target find and I can finally sit and do work! This blog post is the first official work I am doing at my desk.  Come to think of it I did use the desk as a surface to get an updated count of my stamp collection, play solitaire on it and to reenact that scene from Coyote Ugly.  

After this blog post, my second official work on this desk is starting an online dating I right? After that list of desk uses, this guy needs to get out more.

Have a great week!




I am making my first official shout out!  I found out this weekend that a friend of a friend of a brother of a sister likes my blog and decided to host a brunch this weekend!  Not sure if I inspired the brunch but Loretta made up a cute spread!  Look at those pink place settings, that tower of treats and those festive drinks!!   Props to Loretta! Thank you!