Book Shelf/Table Hybrid

I was very busy last week making cool things for my kitchen!  I even went as far as renting power tools.  I guess this makes blogging less of a pass time, power tool rental = serious stuff.

I made myself a "custom" kitchen table when I first moved in.  I use the word custom loosely here as the table is really just pieces of wood, macaroni, and glitter all glued together.  I was going for an industrial look.  Anyway, I actually do love the table, but felt it wasn't being used to it's full potential.  So, lucky for me, a week or two back it all clicked as I was walking by my Ikea bookshelf.  You know, the one that everyone has

And there, the birth of my hybrid bookshelf table took place.  It's great it's practical and holds all my cookbooks and fun things!  I am probably going to switch up the accessories I have on there with some bowls and other handy things that will be great to have at arms length!

Let me know what you think of this little DYI project!



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