How to Store a Bike...

It's that time of year!

Pack up your streamers, put away the handle bar horn and polish off those training wheels!  Winter is upon us, and unless you are a bike messenger or Vélo Burrito (That's a real thing, yes they deliver burritos to you on their bikes....genius!) here in Montreal the biking season is over.

For many, storing a bike in the city can be quite a task, it's like finding a decent guy, almost impossible am I right?...

If you're like me, you don't want to leave your bike locked up outside all winter only to find it rusted and the tires missing come spring time.  I finally found a solution since I moved my bookshelf down and turned it into my kitchen table, which you can see here.  I had a lot of wall space to work with and found a cheap and easy and relatively aesthetically pleasing way to store and display my bike for the season!


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*Side note, How friggen awesome and cute is the little pug/gremlin/E.T painting I picked up at a vintage store last week!?!?