Holiday Love...

December, the month I thought I'd get inspired and blog pretty much everyday. 

But alas, I realize that at my old age I haven't the time to be crafty around the holidays. But I always find time for a cocktail(s).  

That being said I am taking a little hiatus from blogging to regroup and plan out the year. I'm the son of two  teachers, therefore, planning a year in advance just makes sense to me and I find it comforting.  I'll be taking some much needed time to reflect on 2014 and the amazing people I've met and spent time with and the amazing things that inspired me on trips from NY to TO and even Sault Ste. Marie. 

Here's to a great holiday and an awesome 2015 full of hard work and success for us all.

With that I leave you with the bessst Christmas song ever! The end climax is a real beaut!