Yoga-ta be Kidding' Me!

You know I love a good collaboration!

Today's post is just that, a great great collaboration with my great friend Jennifer Kruidbos.  Jen and her friend Ming approached me about styling a brunch together and mixing in some yoga to start off the gathering.  Throw me in savasana pose and feed me great food, you know I'm in it to win it! 

I am so happy Jenn and I got to work together, this lady is a genius.  Yoga first thing in the morning was the best way to sober up and align my Chaka Khans, or is it chakras?  Either way I feel aligned.  

Check out what Ming and Jen are up to here in Montreal.  Big things coming for them in 2015, you should tag along!

Jen -

Ming -


The picture below is Jen and I being all cute and trying to maintain a composed look while still on a yoga high.  We probably giggled and hugged each other for 20 minutes after this picture was taken.

I asked Jen to contribute to today's blog post too.  Is this my first guest blogger?!  Here's what she had to say:

Whenever I am with Pierce, laughing, jokes and inspired ideas follow, so it goes without saying that collaborating with him was the

We wanted to create an atmosphere that was relaxing and fun. Pierce created such a beautiful colourful backdrop to the festive table which channeled his bold and minimalist style (bold and minimalist was also the name of the coffee flavor we drank!).

Ming and I wanted to teach a yoga session that reflected Pierce's playful and disarming character. Also, a class that gave people some rest and twists that helps with digestion and immunity, which is especially useful during this time of year with everyone busy working on projects and late night celebrating. I love that I got to teach half the class then join the students as Ming taught the second half. A few deep breaths and many giggles later, we got up from a long savasana and floated on our yoga high over to the table and enjoyed the delicious potluck. Can't wait for the next one!   -
Jen Kruidbos

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