A conversation with....

My best friend Amy Lee and I met about 6 years ago while living in the same apartment building downtown.  We were both in school and trying our best to explore this wonderful city.

Without giving too much away, Amy Lee is a fashion photographer and we remain best of friends, in fact she just left my place, I fed her dinner.  I sat down with her to chat about up coming projects and what her journey has been like to get to where she is today.

I look forward to watching her succeed in the fashion photography industry, as I know she will.  Amy Lee keeps an open mind wherever she goes and with whatever she does and is no stranger to making people laugh.

I'm very excited for this video, it's my first time doing/making a video, some parts are blurry, some may cut away too quickly.  Bear with me, you'll still get a good laugh and discover a few things.

To follow Amy Lee yourselves check her out on Instagram: @amyleecorkum or at her website: http://corkumphoto.carbonmade.com