The Bedroom...

Now, if MTV were doing a walk through of my 'crib', my bedroom would be the room where I would have to say "This is where the magic happens".  MTV is not doing a walk through of my apartment, this is a good thing, as the only magic happening here these days was the transformation of the space....tell all your single friends.

Because I don't have a sitting room at the moment my bedroom is where I spend most of my time.  But I swear I have a great social life, I'm always out, I'm posting this from a party right now, and other people are texting me to join them.  Basically I spend very little time in my room.  

Like every other room in the house this room also started off white, and was accented by a hideous light fixture.  I chose a colour my friend Amy Lee recommended by C-I-L called "Zepplin".  I accented the room with whites, turquoises and hot pinks and kept artwork and decor to a minimum.  The room turned out quite zen which is exactly what I needed.  It's the best feeling to come home and be able to decompress in a space that you love seeing before you sleep, and can't wait to wake up to in the morning.   

I leave you with that, enjoy my space, it is so far my favourite room in the apartment.