Hall of Frames....

Ideally I would have framed pictures of oatmeal and put oatmeal in vases all around my hallway just so I could title this blog post "Hall and Oats"....But I think Hall of Frames is still pretty good, see what I did there?

Another ideal would be to have a proper camera to take my before and after shots.  Even if I did have a good camera I'm no Annie Leibovitz, Mario Testino or Terry Richardson, but I do wear a lot of plaid.

I am coming to an end with my apartment remodel.  After the hallway I just have my kitchen left, and a few little projects.  Not too worry I have lots of collaborations and people to introduce and some styling projects I'm very excited about.

I have to say the hallway is one of my favourite projects so far, I know I said that about the last post, but I enjoyed the challenge it brought forth.  My hallway is long and narrow and it's not like a living space where I would spend time.  I couldn't add seating, or furniture and my decor had to be simple so not to overcrowd and make it feel smaller than it already is.  I wanted to avoid grey but still have something that stands out and makes a statement, thats where the colour Be Mine comes in. The perfect pink, yes pink, I am comfortable enough with my masculinity to paint my bachelor pad pink.

My details were simple, thoughtful memorabilia from friends, notably; my favourite picture of a flour factory in my hood given to me by the photographer Jane Heller, my best friends invitation to be the MC at her wedding and a picture of my brother whispering secrets to me as children.  The space is now inviting and brings a smile to my face every time I walk to the kitchen.....which is often, but thats for another blog post.