Brunch With an Extended Family...

They say when you are away from your family for an extended period of time you begin to create a family of your own with friends.  I don't know who 'they' are, but I know RuPaul says it, and no truer words have been spoken.

Being away from my family for 8 years now (with visits in between of course) has been no cake walk, I've had moments of being incredibly home sick and have seen friends come and go, which is only normal.  At 25, I realize now just how tight my family is that I've created around me and how it continues to expand as I meet new people.

This past weekends brunch was just that, a family of friends.  Some I had met before and other's I was meeting for the first time.  Not a single person of the 12 people who attended was from Montreal.  Moncton, Vancouver, to Morocco and Poland, we all gathered ate delicious food, laughed and the family got bigger.

Lyle and Matt hosted the brunch for me to help me out with this blog, which I will be forever grateful for.  They are two new friends who were introduced to me by a very dear member of my Montreal family; Amy Lee.  Her previous interview for my blog is just a glimpse of what our relationship is like and how she keeps me sane through rough times.  She means the world to me as do many of my friends I've kept over the years here in Montreal.  

I invite all my readers, that means you Mom and Dad, to host a brunch and invite new people and expand that circle of meaningful relationships.

I want to thank Matt and Lyle for hosting, as always they did it with open arms, open hearts and open minds, two true gentleman.  Two true gentleman I am very happy to have in my Montreal family.