That's a brunch hosted or attended by me; #prunch.

My childhood friend flew in to visit her old pal and I couldn't be more excited.  We've been wining and dining all weekend and a brunch with my pals was definitely on the cards for a full Montreal experience.  Kristi hosted at her place, one of my favourite spaces, and I styled a retro table.

I must say this brunch was indeed your classic 'family' gathering.  Mimosas were flowing quite freely which means one of us had a good buzz and probably got a little too handsy with a another guest.  I accidentally used the word barbaric incorrectly and didn't think I'd hear the end of it.  And lastly, someone burnt some food.  

In all it was a morning filled with laughter, great company and mediocre burnt food.  I guess this Easter was pretty barbaric.


The Hosts