The Last Brunch....

This weekend was my last brunch for my blog posts.  It was just like the "Last Supper", some of us had beards, there was lots of colourful outfits, most of us were hungover and it was only men.

My lovely friends Tarik and Kamil hosted the brunch at their home.  A home that I can only describe as mismatched beyond perfection and provided myself and guests nothing but visual happiness.  Also there were mirrors everywhere which was perfect as I'm trying to grow out my moustache and needed to make sure it was tame throughout brunch.

Tarik is originally from Morocco and Kamil from Poland, I think thats a Poloccan couple? Not sure, but I do know they have beautiful art and textiles from their travels and great flea market finds.  Each find with a story to tell; stories I am dying to hear.

I have to admit I didn't have to do much for this brunch.  They had already styled a buffet table with beautiful textiles and fruit and amazing clay mugs from Mexico.  And to switch it up we ate in the sitting room and gabbed the morning away.  It was a great way to spend my rainy Saturday with friends, delicious food and of course many laughs.  Thanks guys.



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