A Month of Brunches...

Pierce is the name and brunchins' my game! 

Does anyone know if hosting brunches can be a full time job? If so count me in!  The month of April I have decided to feature a brunch each week, not necessarily cooked by me, but definitely styled by me.

There is nothing like waking up on a Sunday morning, reaching over for the bottle of Advil and trying to piece together the night before and then remembering you've got brunch plans with ya pals!  It is a tradition with my group of friends to get together for brunch and laugh about the events from the night before.  Great conversation and a belly ache from laughing so hard are two key ingredients to all brunches.  I'm pretty sure they were on Oprah's Favourite Things list one year.  

I hosted the first brunch this past weekend to get things started.  Let me tell you, it's all in the details people.  I used my good friends vintage dishes which were all mismatched perfectly and had mini bottles of orange juice in the centre for guests to grab.  I had some leftover burlap from my dining room wall project and used it as a runner.  One guest said the table setting felt like he was eating in the Parisian countryside....said guest was obviously day drunk.  

My friend Lyle from a previous blog post has graciously offered to host brunch next weekend.  I am sending the contractors to his place tomorrow to knock down some walls, his space just isn't conducive to the brunch, I need it to be more zen.  Can't wait to style the shit out of that one too.