The Balcony

It has come to my attention that summer is here.  I am not sure what made it more obvious, my pit stains or the fact that everyone is out drinking on their terraces.  I like to think it's the terraces, but I'm still on the hunt for that perfect deodorant.

I am lucky enough to have a lovely balcony in the back of my apartment.  Sadly it looked like a murder scene when I moved in, but alas, I tackled it with some friends and am pleased with the outcome.  Now it looks like a decorative murder scene, does anyone know a trick for getting out blood stains*?  

I am very excited to have my balcony ready to sip fine cocktails and enjoy the sun and all my new plants.  Please note that I am aware that my building is old, and I am well aware that the paint is peeling on the balcony.  Keep in mind this was done on a budget and that I am only renting.  Needless to say if you can't beat em', join em', so I hung a garland to highlight the paint chipping.  I believe this is called shabby chic.

I invite you to please come and have a drink with me this summer on my balcony.  Hit me up.


*No one was murdered on my balcony, this is what we in the biz call 'a joke'.

The Before...

The After...