It's My Birthday Y'allllll

I just turned 26 today.....It's great and luckily gravity hasn't taken it's toll on me just yet.  

I decided to celebrate this weekend with a picnic in the park open to the neighbourhood to come and go and then dinner with some friends later.  My friends Alex (@lexandwood) and Jerome (@modena_music) DJ'd for me in the park and my besties provided some comic relief to keep my mind off the aging process.

I wore incredibly short shorts that showed off my stems and kept me cooled off, I decided black balloons were appropriate decor to keep it neutral and my vintage plaid blanket was the perfect accent to the shaded patch of grass I laid on.  I had game stations with paddles, badminton rackets and velcro catch which are all essentials at any 26 year olds birthday.

25 was a shit show of a year, lots of self discovery, friends coming and going and a new career path.  I look forward to a new year and new challenges.

To all who made my birthday so special and great, I can't thank you enough.  To those who I invited and didn't attend consider yourselves #blacklisted.  Can't wait to do it all again next year.




 Showing off my new notebook and sippin'.....water.

Showing off my new notebook and sippin'.....water.


Later that day....