Pinch Me...

Every now and then, in life, something so great will happen that you can only describe it as a 'pinch me' moment.  Or for you Oprah fans an "Ah-Ha moment.

No, I'm not pregnant, despite the rumours,  which reminds me I should pickup some Spanx today.

As many of you know over the last year I have been working very hard at establishing myself in the world of Prop Sourcing and Set Styling.  I was recently given the opportunity to be the Assistant Stylist on set for WANT Les Essentiels to launch their new women's collection.  

Luckily, that day I got to work with my friends, the über talented photographer Nathan Lang and the ever so talented stylist and my personal back scratcher Melissa Moranelli.

After the day on set I asked the Art Director what the shots were being used for and her reply: "For the July issue of Vogue".

Queue my 'pinch me' moment.




Check out PG. 64 for some of our work.  




Also check out the women's collection we styled here:


WANT Les Essentiels Women's Launch