Days Are Gone...

It's not often that I come across good music, I'm talkin' like gooood music.  Music that you can listen to the whole album and not skip a song.  I mean, not counting Rumors by Fleetwood Mac and any Anne Murray Christmas album.  

While at work a few months ago, a co-worker of mine played HAIM's new album Days Are Gone and the rest, as they say, is history.  Luckily my friends are always there to knock some sense into me and talked me out of starting a HAIM cover band.  I guess waist length hair and a California style just didn't suit me, I disagree.  

Since I've been listening to them on repeat for the last few months, you can imagine my reaction when I found out they were playing Osheaga Festival here in Montreal.  And then you can imagine my reaction when I found out the price.....but I digress.  When I thought all hope was lost, the stars aligned.....and everything Oprah preached about 'The Secret' became my reality... My good friend invited me to a media event where HAIM would be DJing.  

What's that saying? -  "Always a plus one, never actually invited".....something like that.

When I entered the room there was no sign of the Guest DJs, I kept my cool.  Then, my friend whispered to me "oh look the band's here".  You know that feeling you get when you go on a bender and do way too much coke and just drink like a fish?.....Me neither, but I assume it feels like I did when I looked over and saw HAIM.

When they first arrived everyone was taking pictures of them while they were in the booth.  I am guilty of snapping a few shots of the sisters.  After a while it got a little creepy since they wren't really performing.  Their playlist was well curated and I didn't want to let them down after realizing that everyone was just standing around staring.  Once I heard the sweet beats of Bootylicious, I jumped at the chance to go to the DJ booth, bust a move and scat with Este and Alana - See Below.

Check out their album here!

What's your favourite band? I am always looking for new music! Share and comment below!




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