The Micro Studio...

I am almost done my apartment renos, which can only mean one thing.  It's moving time soon!! Jay slash kay.  I am not moving anytime soon.

I have to say, this particular post is one room that took some real blood, sweat and tears.  

Blood: Because I learned how to use a circular saw, my poor father who lost his thumb teaching me! So much Blood!!

Sweat: After I faked an ankle injury and made my friends lug all the lumber up my stairs, they were really sweaty.

Tears: I punched a kid and stole his Popsicle because I was hot, he shed many tears....But back to the renovations.


This particular room is located at the back of my apartment.  Now that's just after the kitchen, and just before the balcony.  Picturing it?  Good.  It was originally a storage room crammed full of my junk from my previous apartment.  After some serious organizing and a whole lot of purging and donating I could finally see the floors, the really retro 70s vinyl floors.  

I then had to deal with the paneling, so I painted it.  I wanted the space to be very clean and white.  That way it would showcase artwork and my array of working utensils beautifully.  I was also able to fit in a tiny desk that I thrifted, ok not so much thrifted as pulled out of the garbage on garbage day.  

The space doubles as a sitting room.  I bought a couch off my friend who had the apartment before me and found an awesome geometric cover to add a punch of colour against the white walls.  It's a cozy space that I can leave the balcony door open and get some fresh air and couldn't be happier with the way it turned out.  

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The Before...

The After...