Ultrasound, Ultra Style...

I went home to Sault Ste. Marie last week for a little R&R.  While I was R&R-ing I met up with many friends and relatives who picked my brain about what I'd been up to these days.  And some couldn't wait to put me to work and collaborate!

My bestie Heather, who works as an Ultrasound technician, and her hubby Paul just moved into a beautiful home in our childhood neighbourhood, the same hood Heather and I met and grew up together.  This home is oozing with style and is totally swoon-worthy.  Everywhere you look there is an object that sparks a great story with some hilarious twist.  Needless to say this hood holds a lot of great memories; like the time she convinced me that yellow snow tastes like lemonade.  Or that other time I told her that beehive was a piñata.  Ohhhh the memories!

She has been in full remodelling mode after getting possession in July.  Painting, nailing, demolishing and cleaning were top of her list this summer.  They just tackled two major rooms; the dining room and the master bedroom.  Since she had been choosing colours and furniture for the last two months she wanted my help to add the finishing touches; one less thing to lay awake at night thinking about.  I couldn't jump at the opportunity fast enough!

Check out our collaboration below, we put some great things together, if I do say so myself.  

Thanks for always taking a chance on me Heather <3



The Master Bedroom:

The VERY Before...

The Master Bedroom Dresser:

The Dining Room:

The VERY Before...