The Refresh...

I relaunched and changed my look last week and I just love it!  With a jaw line that could crack a walnut, the proper lighting and 5 pairs of Spanx, there really isn't much I can't do.

I had the pleasure of shooting with the lovely Amélie Chiasson and had behind the scenes art direction and styling by Garrett Nacaratto while I curated the props and styled the set.

It's always really fun to be on set but it's even more fun to be in front of the camera.  I like to throw things at people and act all high-maintenance, this is called method acting.  

The hardest part for me when shooting something personal is to get something that's visually appealing, on point and current.  All of this while still maintaining my personal style, aesthetic and not taking any of it too seriously.  I think the end result portrays that perfectly, I mean I'm always trying to make calls on my shoe.

All joking aside I had a great day shooting with these two hooligans and appreciate that they took the time to help me come up with some really great shots for my website and future social media visuals.

Enjoy some behind the scenes shots below and share, comment, pin, like any and all of it!!

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Photo: Garrett Naccarato

Photos: Garrett Naccarato