2015 Reboot!

I'm Baaaaaack!!!!  It's been a while since I last blogged, but I am back, remixed, revised and revisited!

Check out the new website, I've added new projects and updated my look a bit, it's a fresh start for 2015 and I couldn't be more excited!


I'm kicking off the blog today with a space that is dreamy, vintage-y, and all around cozy and inviting.  The owner is none of these things, but he is my brother.

Graham (My brother) and his girlfriend, Kelly, bought the house about two years ago and have been working on it ever since while still maintaining full time jobs, their moustaches and even squeezing in time to expand their family. 

Graham is the handy one in the family.  He planed, sanded, cut and stained wood throughout the house.  For the record, you can throw me a bag of glitter, some helium balloons and a pipe cleaner and I'll throw you a party that looks like Oprah's Fiftieth birthday.

Back to Graham and Kelly.  Let's start with their living room.  The coziest place in the house!  Graham reclaimed an old fence and mounted it on the wall, making the space warm and adding great texture.  When the records are playing, that's all you're thinking about, you just sink into the space.  Kelly added her touch throughout the room with punches of colour on the coffee table, cute vintage stools as side tables and interesting art work on the walls and the gal didn't even break a sweat.

The Dining room is another darling little room.  Although it is a transitioning room from the entrance into the house they managed to make it it's own space.  Against their in-laws opinions they decided to paint the dining room black.  Cringe worthy; yes, but in this case; SCORE!!!!  

They used pops of colours with dining chairs and old windows hung on the walls.  The space is simple and decluttered, helping the black wall colour be the dramatic focal point.

They are still renovating and updating and I plan on collaborating with them on a room in the house....they don't know this yet.  Now with the baby on the way I got a sneak peek at the nursery and it's blog worthy and I can't wait to share that space! Stay tuned!


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