What a week!!!

It's been nice and busy on my end, just busy enough to yell "TGIF" from my rooftop!.....And then wonder how I got to the rooftop since my apartment is only on the 2nd floor.

Todays' favourite is a real eye candy of a dandy!  West Elm is one of my favourite furniture stores and we just got one in Montreal about 2 years ago.  

The store originated in Brooklyn and has an amazing aesthetic of simple chic furniture.  They also have the best accessories and usually have a little cafe within the store so you can sip and shop!

All this to lead up to the amazing collaboration with West Elm and Sherwin Williams paints.  Their collaboration is a seasonal West Elm Colour Palette.  I have actually used one of these colours from their 2014 collection as the bright blue backdrop to my kitchen backsplash.  You can check out the backsplash colour from last weeks blog post here.  




West Elm

West Elm | Sherwin Williams  

Screenshot from westelm.com