Happy Fridayyyyyyyy.  


What a week, had some much needed time off and working on some new contracts.  I've been thrifting, making, painting and dancing my way through the streets of Montreal!

This weeks #FRIDAYFAVOURITE is a spin-off of the last FF post.  

May I introduce you to Cold Picnic..... 

This site is awesome and the founders/makers are super cool.  This is the site I stumbled on where I found those great naughty parts rugs!!

Instagram: Cold Picnic

"Deeply influenced by indigenous crafts, the dusty yet vibrant palettes of 1970s films, and the American natural landscape, Sung and Buer began working on various side projects together in an effort to explore traditional crafts filtered through modern sensibilities. Before long these projects coalesced into Cold Picnic, a line of handmade jewelry, leather accessories, macrame home goods, and textiles." - www.coldpicnic.com/about


Great little article on the designers and their space.  How great is that wall hanging basket full of yarn!!! Swooooooon!!!  Eye candy!

Racked New York


Photo: www.coldpicnic.com